With My Proven Sponsored Ads 4 Step System

First I set up your campaign structure properly, this is the concrete foundation to build upon. This is how you control ad spend and divide budget between ranking keywords & research.


Now that we have initial ad data I can use this to change bids of keywords, add new keywords (positive & negative) and identify scaling opportunities.


Now that we have even more data to work with, I can analyze results to really find the winning and loser keywords. I am fine tuning the campaigns, revving up the winners and killing the losers.


At this point it’s about scaling winners. We have identified the winning keyword match types, keywords, search terms and ad type winners. I'm now scaling all proven winning ROI ads and running at top speed. I continue to monitor, adjust and fine tune your ads.

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No I’m Not Kidding, I’ll Look at Your Ads and Tell You the Good, Bad & Ugly and How to Fix Them!

Why would I tell you how to fix your own ads?  Because I like to leave people better off than before they spoke with me, so I will audit your ads and then tell you how to fix them.  You will either A) fix them yourself and we both go our merry way, OR, B) you come on board, have me manage your Sponsored Ads and watch what happens when a Pro works on your behalf…  I don’t outsource your ad management, I manage them myself.  You work with me directly.  By the way, that screenshot to the left is from one of my products in my own account!

No Contracts, No BS, Just Results! 

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Google Ads vs Amazon Sponsored Ads ===>

Others Are Arguing, “Which is Better to Skyrocket Rank & Sales on Amazon, Google Ads or Sponsored Ads?” We Are Using Both!

Google Ads are Phenomenal for Getting Higher Organic Ranking on Amazon as well as Sales.  You Should Start with Sponsored Ads and then Incorporate Google Ads After Your Sponsored Ads are Running Smoothly. Yes I Manage Google Ads also.  Sponsored Ads & Google Ads, that’s my Superpower! 😉

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No Contracts, No BS, Just Results! 

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