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This isn’t a huge New York city Sponsored Ads agency, it’s small and nimble where you work with the owner, that’s me, and you get personal attention and don’t have to be worried about being handed off to someone in another country.  That screen shot above is from my herbal supplement companies Seller Feedback Rating.  Yes, I’m a Seller just like you! 🙂


I have been marketing online since 2004 when I created my first downloadable information product. I spent the next 10 years focused on online marketing studying pay per click marketing and search engine marketing.


I owned my own marketing agency working with clients and bringing traffic to their websites. Flash forward to 2013 and I got into the e-commerce industry managing over $1.2 million dollars per month in Google Shopping Ads for clients.


I then got obsessed with Amazon.com and learned everything I could about how to successfully launch a product on their platform and dominate a category. I started manufacturing my own brand of herbal supplements and took my digital marketing skills and applied them to Amazon, and as they say, the rest is history.


I quickly had the #1 selling product in my niche and was making my full time living from Amazon.  I continued to hone my skills on Amazon’s ad network and learned everything I could.  With my prior experience doing pay per click, I became very good using Amazon’s Sponsored Ads platform.  That is how this agency was born.


Do you live in the Tampa Bay area?  I’m the organizer for the Meetup.com group “Amazon Sellers in Tampa Bay” so if you are in the area be sure to check out one of our Meetups!


I keep it small so that every client gets personalized attention!  Contact me so we can discuss your companies products and goals.  I want to help you grow your Brand!




Peter Humleker ~ Founder ProfitableAdvice

PS. We are a U.S.M.C. Veteran Owned Business


Tel:(307) 321-4595



Peter M. Humleker Jr.

Founder ProfitableAdvice Agency

This is me, my hobby is doing Brazilian Jiu jitsu and collecting vinyl records. My family and I are based just outside Tampa, Florida. My cell# is area code 307 because I have had the same cell# since 2005, way back when I lived in Wyoming! 🙂


Amazon Sponsored Ads Accreditation

One of the very few agencies that are actually accredited by Amazon's Sponsored Ad program. I have been working with Amazon Sponsored Ads since 2015 and am in all of their beta programs as well.