My First Year Results Selling On Amazon

My First Year Results Selling On Amazon

October 31st, 2016 represented my first full year selling my products on Amazon. To give you some background I manufacture my own line of herbal supplements. I DO NOT DO PL (private label) but instead I import medicinal plants from around the world and create my own products and formula’s.

What this entails is importing the plants in typically finished form of powder or liquid. Then I purchase my bottles, caps, and labels. I drop everything off at one of my contract filling companies and they create my capsules according to my instructions and fill my products.

The big advantage over doing everything myself from scratch versus buying from a private label supplement company is that I have total control over my products. I design them, the packaging and every aspect.

This also gives me a much bigger mark up and return on investment.

I started beginning of September 2015 with just one product and slowly added more. By the end of my first year selling on Amazon via their FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) program, I had 3 products and then added 1 more in October and 4 more in November for a total of 8 by end of 2016.

In that first 12 months I sold 9,199 units for a total of $166,719 with an average unit price of $21.47.

How did I do it? Well I have been marketing online since 2004 so I have had a great deal of experience in search engine optimization and pay per click advertising. I took that knowledge and applied it to the Amazon platform.

You have to have these 7 details dialed in and you will have success on Amazon!

1: Images – Professional product images specifically for Amazon minimum of 5.

2: Product Title – Proper keyword search optimized Title for Amazon.

3: Backend Keywords – Correctly post the keywords in backend of Amazon product page. You also have to correctly fill out ALL backend fields.

4: Bullet Points
– Optimized keyword bullet points for Amazon organic ranking and Sponsored Ads impressions.

5: Product Description – Write a proper, engaging and story telling Description for Amazon. Must use keyword “filler” keywords for organic and Sponsored Ads impressions.

6: FBA or Merchant Fulfilled – You must sell on the more advantageous FBA program to have access to the Amazon Prime customers!

7: Product Launch Formula – You must have a proven product launch formula for getting sales and reviews immediately. This includes running Amazon Sponsored Ads, (pay per click) on and off Amazon. You must have an autoresponder set up as well.

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In my blog I will be covering the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of selling products on Amazon and how to succeed.

I’ll explain how to properly set up Amazon Sponsored Ads so that you can have the best results and get your ACOS at it’s lowest percentage ever. ACOS that looks like mine:

I’ll also be explaining how to get and maintain a conversion rate of 33.36% like mine:

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